"I am so amazed at how God has blessed my life through these scripture songs.  In my twenties, I experienced the loss of memory function due to a concussion from a serious car wreck.  In my forties, three mini-strokes decreased my memory ability even more.  I struggled with the discouragement associated with my inability to remember scripture.  No matter how hard I tried, it seemed I always forgot either parts of the verse or the reference.  There are so many index cards, sticky notes, journals that I have kept over the years in my attempt to keep scripture in my memory.  Nothing has worked quite like these memory verse songs which not only include the scripture but the reference.  I feel alive again!  It is so wonderful to hear scripture in my mind when I go to bed at night, when I wake up in the morning and during the day.  My mother who is 76 never thought she would be able to overcome her difficulty, but now she quotes verses and references along with me.  I love seeing the joy in her heart!"

Sandra, Age 52

"I find myself singing the songs during the day and actually remembering them! The other day while on the phone with my grandchildren, I sang some of the songs to them.  And will continue to do so in person when I see them this month. I am so thrilled to be learning these scripture songs."

Mary, Age 71

"I wanted to share what a blessing Mrs. Roberts’ scripture group has been to me.  The songs that the Lord has given her, and put on CD, have been a great tool.  Lilly loves to listen to it while we’re driving in the car and I have caught her singing the Bible verses while she is playing and heard her singing them again in her bed at nighttime.  ‘A false bal-a-nation to the Lord’ – Lilly’s interpretation of ‘A false balance is abomination to the Lord’!


I have also started using the songs in my Sunday school class and my 1st grade girls enjoy them.  I struggle especially with getting the bus kids to memorize verses but they are learning these songs! ‘He that walk walk walketh with wise men shall be wise!’"

Natalie, Age 33

"Two ladies which have been under such demonic oppression that their ability to think straight was inhibited, told me that listening to scripture songs calmed their spirits and allowed their minds to be free so that they might read God’s Word and receive instruction and blessings.  Earlier their spirits were in such a state of confusion that they simply could not read nor hear God speak.  As they played the scripture songs, it was as if the demonic spirits could hear God’s Word and left the scene like when David played to Saul.  Too many times we forget the power of the spoken or sung Word of God!"

Sandra, Age 52

"What a blessing these scripture songs have been to me!  I have learned many verses in this past year in a very fun and easy manner.  I find my boys and myself singing these catchy songs throughout the day.  I am sharing this website with ladies of all ages and pray that they will hide the Bible in their hearts too,  The lessons are also a great addition to the songs!  Thank you, Mrs. Roberts, for making scripture memorization so easy!"

Laura, Age 42

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